Winter Wonderland
Enjoy Our Newest Farmhouse Fresh Seasonal Treats

All Farm House Fresh bath and body products are Paraben and Sulfate free and made in Texas with up to 99.6% natural ingredients. Many of their products are also Vegan and Gluten-Free!

Hot Ginger Cocoa Manicure

Your nails will enjoy a soak in soft whole milk and chicory root Butter Brulee. Next bask in a rich dark chocolate mud mask to create a soft and silky feel. You are then treated to a clove and spice whipped honey sea salt scrub. And finally finish with a light massage with our ginger sorbet lotion. This is just as much a treat for your hands as it is for your senses.

55 min – $65.00

Chocolate Carmel Cream Pedicure

Layers of chocolate and cream await you. A hot butter brulee milk soak softens and moisturises your feet. Next imagine a dark chocolate mask that is wrapped and left to provide an antioxidant rich coQ10 enzyme. Follow this with a sweet cream sea salt exfoliation that soothes and refines your skin. The final topping?? A light caramel body milk massage. We like to call this our “S’more Indulgence” named for the treat we enjoyed as a child by a roaring campfire!

55 min – $85.00

Honey Lavender Parfait Body Treatment

The fresh aromatic scents of this treatment will make you feel like you are in a gourmet market place. Enjoy a Honey Lavender and rice bran oil exfoliation and finish off with a creamy shea butter massage fragranced with Lavender and Mint Julep. This summer fresh feeling will exhilarate your senses.

45 min – $100.00


Hydradermie Double Ionisation

Internationally recognized as one of the most technologically advance treatments and is deeply penetrating and aims to correct skin concerns from the inside out. This “star facial” is tailored to the needs of your skin and beauty goals, providing optimal hydration and oxygenation. Your face appears remarkably rested, serene and you feel a total sense of well-being with a healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.
Not suitable for pregnant woman, clients with heart problems, metal implants (plates or pins).

75 minutes – $130

Hydradermie Lift

This Guinot exclusive facial provides a “youth revolution.” By stimulating your facial muscles this facial experience reveals new tone and definition of your facial contours, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. This rejuvenating treatment leaves you with a glowing more radiant complexion that feels firmer and lifted.
Not suitable for pregnant woman, clients with heart problems, metal implants (plates or pins).

75 minutes – $120


Reawaken your skin with a deep cleansing facial customized especially for you. Your experience is enriched while also enjoying a hand exfoliation and arm massage. These two treatments will leave your skin looking refreshed and polished.

60 minutes – $95


A superb renewing facial to benefit all skin types! This hands-on treatment uses the dual ‘peeling’ effect of fruit acids to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. The results are immediate, visible and lasting. A pure Vitamin C mask completes the experience to leave your skin bright and rejuvenated.

60 minutes – $100


A triple action, Collagen treatment created specifically for firming, lifting and anti-fatigue. During the facial, enjoy the comfort of warmth that this thermal treatment offers. On completion of the treatment, the skin is instantly firmer, more youthful and fine lines are minimized.

60 minutes – $105


A customized aromatic facial using a multitude of essential oils and plant extracts to suit your specific skin care needs. This thoroughly relaxing facial will leave your face, mind and spirit re-energized and invigorated.

60 minutes – $95


Tailored to suit his special skin care needs, this customized facial experience will leave your skin looking rejuvenated, healthy and youthful.

60 minutes – $90



A traditional massage using light to medium pressure to inspire relaxation, relieve tension and create a heightened sense of well-being.

25 minutes – $50
55 minutes – $85
Performed by a Spa Therapist


The ultimate customized, medium-pressure massage, designed for the sole purpose of stress relief. Focuses on all main tension points, head, neck, shoulders and back.

25 minutes – $65
55 minutes – $120
85 minutes – $155
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist


Recommended for individuals who desire detailed bodywork. Firm pressure and kneading movements help to relieve stressed muscle areas, from injuries to repetitive use.

25 minutes – $80
55 minutes – $130
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist


Focuses on the unique needs of the mother-to-be during this special time in her life. Helps her to truly relax and relieves tension and tightness.

25 minutes – $65
55 minutes – $120
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist


This specialty massage is enhanced with the warmth of basalt hot stones as an extension of your therapists own hands or by placing them intricately on key body points. This experience is the ultimate in relaxation as the heat penetrates deeply into the muscles.

55 minutes (performed by Spa Therapist) – $150
55 minutes (performed by RMT) – $155


Specifically designed to relieve discomfort from areas of the body most affect by tension and stress.

25 minutes – $65
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

Thai Hot Stem Massage – NEW

In Thai Hot Stem massage we incorporate “stems” filled with healing herbs that are grown and harvested in Thailand. To release their therapeutic properties the stems are steamed before being massaged over the body. This detoxifying treatment relieves muscle tension and joint pain and increases circulation. Also, the scent is exhilarating! At the end of your experience you will be given your set of stems to take with you so you may reuse them in a bath or spot treatment.

55 min – $150.00
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist


The word Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life force energy. It is a form of healing using specific hand positions and light touches along the body to balance energy. Reiki treats body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki is not a massage but rather a laying on of hands.

55 min – 120.00
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist


For 3,000 years Chinese practitioners have used reflexology to re-balance Qi (the life force flowing through your energy channels) to treat a number of conditions. Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points and areas of the feet. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, this has a beneficial effect on the organs and a person’s general health.

25 min – 65.00
55 min 120.00
Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

Body Experiences


This anti-cellulite and slimming treatment begins with the smoothing body scrub. Following the exfoliation to reveal soft smooth skin, the body is enveloped with a warming contouring sauna mask to drain toxins. A deep customized massage will bring the whole body to a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

90 minutes – $115

Marine Holistic Indulgence

This complete head to toe experience will begin with a divine soak in our hydrotherapy tub followed by a full body scrub. Our therapists will then apply our most intensive detoxifying marine seaweed to localized areas for a targeted body cleanse. You will then enjoy a customized facial experience to bring you to a state of full relaxation and wellness. Your face and body will soak up the pure benefits of marine skincare and give you the remarkable balance and healthy glow that you deserve.

2 hours – $200

Mineral Fusion Wrap

Allow yourself to come down from everyday stress and experience this relaxing, softening and re-mineralizing treatment. Enjoy a natural sea salt body exfoliation followed by a concentrated mineral rich body wrap. This marine cocoon gel will replenish the body’s necessary minerals and infuse your skin with rich marine oils and extracts, leaving you relaxed, re-energized and velvety soft.

60 Minutes – $120

Detox Remedy Wrap

Plunge into this warming full body marine wrap and experience the benefits of detoxification through natural active seaweed. After a full body sea salt exfoliation, you will enjoy a warming seaweed mud wrap, which releases toxins and cleanses the body. Your journey continues as you immerse yourself into our hydrotherapy infinity tub where your skin will continue to soak in the elements and nutrients of the wrap. Your experience will be completed by the application of hydrating body milk, leaving your skin feeling revitalized & rejuvenated.

90 Minutes – $185



Your hands are soaked, nails shaped, cuticles trimmed and hydrated, relaxing arm & hand massage, your selection of polish adds the finishing touch.

45 Minutes – $40

Gel Manicure

Enjoy a gel polish application that provides a long lasting mirror finish with zero dry time.

55 minutes – $60.00


This complete and luxurious experience resembles a facial for your perfectly manicured hands which will be exfoliated, intensely hydrated with a moisturizing mask and to complete this experience a Perfect Sense Paraffin treatment is the final touch, leaving your hands looking and feeling revived and youthful

60 Minutes – $60


Allow us to pamper those tired, sore and over worked hands, which will once again feel soft and silky smooth. Includes Paraffin Treatment.

45 Minutes – $40




Feet are soaked, calluses buffed, cuticles trimmed and hydrated, nails shaped, relaxing lower leg and foot massage, your selection of polish adds the finishing touch.

60 minutes – $60


Pamper your dried, cracked and tired feet with this ultimate experience as we exfoliate, intensely hydrate and apply a Perfect Sense Paraffin treatment, your feet will look and feel softer and smoother.

75 minutes – $80


Indulge yourself and enjoy as you unwind and relax while taking in the breathtaking views of the falls and leave your feet to us. Includes Paraffin Treatment

60 minutes – $60

Tinting & Waxing

We offer the following treatments.


Eyebrow or Lip

15 minutes – $15


15 minutes – $20

Full Arms

30 minutes – $30


30 minutes – $25

Full Legs

45 minutes – $60

Upper Legs

30 minutes – $40

Lower Legs

30 minutes – $30

Fingers & Toes

15 minutes – $20



15 minutes – $20


30 minutes – $25

Brow & Lash

30 minutes – $40